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Before coming out we'll jump on the phone to answer a few questions, just to be sure it makes sense for us to come out and meet with you.

We do consultations, not estimates. The reason it's called a consultation and not an estimate is because the goal is to understand your pain not to give you a bid. To do this at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time and the availability to ask you questions is needed to ensure your expectations are met.


Once an appointment is set, one of our representatives will arrive wearing our cleaning uniform, photo IDs, and a mask will be worn for your security. While in your home, we will tour your home and discuss your cleaning needs, and set expectations for satisfaction and success. This meeting is a great opportunity to discuss:

  • ​Areas you’d like to receive special attention

  • Rooms you would like to have emphasized or de-emphasized

  • Special projects you’d like to have tackled, like refrigerator or oven cleaning

  • What you liked and did not like about any cleaning services you’ve used in the past

  • Cleaning supplies, disinfectants, green cleaning, etc. cleaning frequency and your preferred day of service.


​ We are looking for long term business relationships. We will provide you with package options so you can choose what works best for you. Weekly or Bi-Monthly services are our customers’ preferred cleaning schedule.


At the end of the consultation, if we're a good fit our representative can go over the service agreement, and schedule your first cleaning appointment. We look forward to working with you directly to assess your cleaning needs!