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4 House Cleaning Etiquette Tips

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Here are tips for house cleaning services to ensure that you're keeping your side of the street clean in this two-way relationship:

1. Prepare before the house cleaner arrives

If you want your house cleaner to focus on cleaning, it's smart to clear away the clutter that would get in the way. Also, keep in mind that cleaners don't usually move furniture. If you want a hard-to-reach area cleaned, consider moving items out of the way ahead of time to make it accessible. You may want to secure jewelry, valuables, and highly fragile items, particularly if you're using a new service or if your cleaning company frequently rotates personnel.

2. Communicate clearly with your cleaners

Communication plays a vital role in successful house cleaning experiences. In the beginning or if you want to make changes, do a walk-through of your house and provide a written list of priority items to be cleaned. Let your house cleaner know if there are particular products and supplies you want to be used. Speak up if you have concerns about the quality of work. Poor communication is sometimes the source of unsatisfying experiences.

3. Respect your house cleaner's time constraints

Be aware that house cleaners typically have limited time to complete their work. If you're present during the cleaning, allow workers to focus on their job as much as possible. A well-intentioned offer of food, drink, or conversation could actually hinder a busy house cleaner.

4. Tip house cleaners

Owners of highly rated cleaning services say tipping is not expected or required. At year's end, a cash bonus or other gift can be a nice way to show appreciation, but doing so is always your decision.

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