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Residential Cleaning Employment 

Cleaning Techs Role in the Company

While we sign your paycheck, your ultimate “boss” is the client whose home or business you and your teammates are cleaning. In the end, your clients are whom you must satisfy. As a team member, you have several responsibilities for meeting the company’s standards of cleanliness and appearance. However, your job not only requires technical know-how but also requires good “people skills.” When a client walks into a sparkling clean room you can feel their mood change, and rest assured they’ll be very appreciative of your efforts. All team members are responsible for returning and resetting all supplies to the office at the end of each workday.

Should a client ever make a critical comment about your workmanship, be careful not to react negatively as it is not an attack on you personally. By understanding your job and by treating clients the way you would like to be treated, you’ll be able to apply good judgment to otherwise “sticky” situations. Clients must always be treated like VIPs. They should be treated with respect at all times, no matter the circumstances.

Without satisfied clients, there is no cash flow. Without cash flow the company doesn’t get paid, in turn, no one gets paid. 

In most cases, your clients won’t be present while you’re working. However, you should always conduct yourself as though he or she were looking over your shoulder while you’re working due to current technology they may very well be doing just that. Employees are to provide their transportation to the job site or planned meeting location. Proof of insurance is required and a valid driver’s license. Our Reputation Depends on your Reliability 


Crew Leads Responsibilities: 


Leads are responsible for their crew’s performance while on site. It is both crew leads and the cleaning tech's responsibility to stay in communication and make sure work performed meets company standards. Crew leads must check over areas of the cleaning techs once an area is finished. Leads must take pictures of any damage found on a property and send them to the office. Only team Leads will be permitted to have keys unless otherwise approved. All keys must be returned to the home office at the end of each workday. Any invasion of the clients’ privacy beyond house cleaning services are grounds for discipline up to, and including termination and/or prosecution. Keys must remain in your possession at all times. Leads are to provide their transportation for cleaning supplies, keys, and to the job site for them and their teammate. Leads must call the office if they are having an issue with a client. Do not speak on behalf of the company until you consult with the office. 



  • Smartphone with texting/photo/call capabilities

  • Willingness to install/be trained and use necessary apps required by the company

  • Proof of insurance is required and a valid driver’s license.

  • Provide your own reliable transportation

  • Be able to pass background checks and Randomize drug screenings.

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